Week of Bad AKA Bad Week

Sometimes things are just not going well.  I mean, yeah, there are good things that are a constant.  Like my son, having a roof over my head, having the help I get from my family, the love of my friends, etc.  But then there are times where it just seems everything is going wrong.  That’s been the case for me for the past couple weeks.

First, I wrote a bad check.  Totally didn’t mean to.  I didn’t know the check was being held onto for two weeks before the person decided to cash it.  Yes, yes, I should have been keeping better track of my expenses.  I had the money when I wrote the check and was just about to get paid again right before they decided to cash the check.  It was a matter of bad timing all around (and me not writing down shit).

Then my son got sick.  I hate it when he’s sick.  He had a fever and stuffy nose and he wasn’t sleeping well.  Took him to the doctor, which was pointless.  They don’t give him anything and just remind me once again that we need to get him into speech therapy.  I’m working on it!  Ugh. 

Then my soon-to-be-ex wants to be all dramatic and tell me he’s not signing the marriage settlement agreement because he doesn’t like the child support amount.  He can’t afford it because it’s based on his old income and he’s unemployed now.  I, like the pushover I am, talked to my attorney and got the payment lowered for him.  Then I got mad at myself for folding like a deck of cards so easily.  I have GOT to get some nads.

Then my dad visits, and proceeds to go off on me about how much of a pushover I am.  We get into a crying/yelling match.  He tells me that I need to throw down the gauntlet on the Ex.  This is easier said than done.  It was bad.

THEN, found out I didn’t get a job I had really wanted.  I silently cried in the bathroom stall at work after receiving word that the job went to another candidate.  So much time wasted, a phone interview and two in-person interviews.  I thought I had it!  Nope.

So…yeah…bad week.  This week isn’t much better.  My coworker got a new job and is on Cloud 9 Billion.  And while I am really happy for her, I’m sad for me.  Not just because I didn’t get the job I wanted but because she’s been my work BFF for 5 years and I’ll miss her tons.

Well, I’m done complaining and venting.  Things will get better.

Starting It

First blog, so that would be introduction time…

I’m Kat.  I’m a 35-year-old mother of one.  About to be divorced after 6 years of marriage, 13 years with this particular man.  I work full time for a vacation ownership company AKA timeshare (that’s an ugly word in the business).  I am a Christian.  I go to church but I am not trying to be perfect.  I have a lot of friends and family which makes me feel pretty lucky and loved.

And this blog is about me.  More specifically, it’s about me trying to transform myself after having my world turned upside down.  I’m already on my journey but decided I want to document it as I go along.  I want to be able to look back on where I’ve been and where I’m trying to go.

So let’s begin…